Michael King, 1955

This website has been set up to exhibit some of the photographs taken by Michael King during the time he spent in Korea and other places in 1955.

Michael was placed with the Royal Engineers for one year as part of his national service. A keen photographer, he documented post-war civilian life in Korea during his free time. Over half a century later his photographs have come into the possession of his grandson, who has done his best to scan and restore the photographs, and present them to you here with meaningful captions.

You can browse the entries by date or by place, using the links on the right. Michael originally kept a record of the date, time and place that each photograph was taken on a piece of parchment, so it has been possible to pinpoint the time and location of each photograph. The short captions you see on this website are almost word-for-word what Michael originally jotted down on the parchment. Other text has been added by his grandson, using various sources on the Internet.

While browsing the site, you can view a larger version of any photograph simply by clicking on it.